About Us

The main way of industrialization was existed in 2008, in Sanliurfa/TURKEY.


The main way of industrialization was existed in 2008, in Sanliurfa/TURKEY. As a local company, we pioneer with quality of cleaning products and cosmetic products and experienced and unproblematic service mentality. We were taken an important place with export network and investments at short notice in the national and international areas through vision, progressive mentality and quality.

Moreover, our company grows quickly with studies of research and developmet and human resource investments day to day. Besides in compliance with european standards’ manufacture, quality and continity of our products were prioritised ever. Thus, our commercial activitiy area and regular customer portfolio are expanded quickly.


Our main principles are continuous develoment and customer satisfaction. We are produced with caring of technological and human investment with serving of reliable, high quality and economical products.


Serving sensitive productsto health of society and environment. The importance parts of us are being value creating company for employes, shareholders and customers with our products, solutions, after sales service, reliable and high Professional ethics.


We will continue to work with ethical values and as law-abiding company in worked area and place where we live. Moreover, we will continue to work for;

• Offering our all empoyes and sub-constractors with an education opportunities.
• Providing conscious participation to system.
• Providing perfect subjects of job security and environment.
• Protecting natural resources, lan dair and water, ruducing waste amount, increasing recovery.
• Obeying to rules, law, regulations and conditions to affiliated institutions and companies.

Our preliminary comprehension is in the production stages;

“Health Comes First”